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by Dr. Keith Bell

         "In an athletic age where perfection, though unattainable, is the goal; the training of the mind plays an important everyday part in an athlete's pursuit of success. Winning Isn't Normal presents some unique and helpful ways to approach the ups and downs encountered in the "pleasures of training" and competition.
         Although written for swimmers, Winning Isn't Normal deals with many issues that similarly occur in all sports. This book will help all of us, coaches and athletes, in our quest to succeed at the highest level possible.
         Keith's background in sports psychology, swimming and coaching alows for a special insight into the challenge of sport, which all of us face everyday and would like to meet with improved skill. That special insight is apparent in this book.
         I think reading Winning Isn't Normal is a necessity."

Eddie Reese, Head Men's Swimming Coach, The University of Texas at Austin
2004 U.S. Olympic Team Head Coach

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